No Bake Breastfeeding/Breakfast Bars (wheatfree, glutenfree, dairyfree).

Having just given birth to my gorgeous baby boy  I’m in need of quick, easy, healthy snacks that I can eat whilst breastfeeding. Here is my latest favourite  version of a flapjacky bar. It’s also a great option as a breakfast bar and a good snack for the whole family.

Breakfast biscuits, bars and eat on the run snacks seem to be a common thing these days, but the bought versions are often high in sugar. This option is much healthier plus you can adapt it to suit your own taste.  These would also be super easy for children to make but are not suitable for under 1 year olds due to the honey.

What I love about these is it literally took me 10 minutes to mix them up and then they just go into the fridge for 2 hours (or overnight), next morning, Wham, Bam, there’s your tasty bars all ready and waiting!

These bars are nutritious so you don’t have to feel compromised. Pair them with some fruit and you have a balanced, healthy breakfast/snack on the go. The oats provide a low glycaemic index base to help keep your blood sugar levels stable, the almond butter provides a little fat in a health monounsaturated form. You will be getting vitamin E from the sunflower seeds, this is an important antioxidant that plays a role in heart health and is anti-inflammatory. Magnesium from the almonds and seeds aids energy production, giving you a great boost to your day.

Dietitian UK: No Bake Breastfeeding/Breakfast Bars

[yumprint-recipe id=’21’]Amusingly I actually made these the night I went into labour, they made a great snack during the early stages of things!

If you like flapjack bars then why not try my Sunshine Bars my Banana Flapjack or my superhealthy Oaty Bars.

I would love to see/hear your pictures, comments and variations that you try out 🙂 tweet me or comment on the blog post please.


3 thoughts on “No Bake Breastfeeding/Breakfast Bars (wheatfree, glutenfree, dairyfree).”

  1. I’ve just made these as I’m about to go into labour. I forgot my shopping list (BABY brain) so bought similar ingredients and went for it! They are delicious and I like the mix of high and slow releasing carbs. So simply and fast to make, thanks Priya (just made a 2nd batch cld be a long labour!!)

  2. I Love that I found your blog. I’m searching for a fresh new recipe for today’s menu for my kids and guess I will not spend too much time in baking or cooking because you have this new style of work.. I will certainly grab my cooking book to add your idea. I will try this at home very soon!

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