Homemade wheat free muesli.

I’m a skinflint when it comes to buying certain wheat free foods. I refuse to buy specialist muesli and cereals for example and live off oats in the mornings. When it gets to the summer months I tend to find porridge just doesn’t hit the spot so I either turn to Overnight Oats or make my own Muesli. Both of these are super easy to make and the variations on them are endless.

For the Muesli you can either make it up day by day and be inspired by your mood (and stock cupboard) or make up a large batch to dive into.

So here is my basic recipe that can be adapted however you fancy. Try varying the dried fruit, fresh fruit and seeds. Serve with milk or yoghurt. Or make your own yoghurt too!

[yumprint-recipe id=’34’] 

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