Spicy Salmon with Roasted Veg

I’m on my quest to find ways to get oily fish into the family. Today I had a play around with making a rub for the fish, which myself and the hubby loved, the children found it a little spicy… which just meant the rub got scraped off their plates onto ours. Win Win.  Next time I’ll put the rub on our portions and add some yoghurt to the kids ones 😉

What I love about these type of recipes is they can be prepared in advance and then it’s just a case of turning on the oven, putting it in and making sure you keep an eye on the clock. Try preparing this the night before and it will just take 40 minutes to cook in the oven the next evening. Maximum taste with minimal effort.

Dietitian UK: Spicy Salmon marinating.
Ready to Cook 


The other great thing about this recipe was the chunkiness of the veggies meant the baby was able to feed himself quite happily, leading to a whole load of mess but also happiness, and a bath.


Dietitian UK: Spicy Salmon and Roasted Vegetables on a bed of Noodles.

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