Pizza Pinwheels

My family love pizza and so I usually make extra and we have leftovers for lunches. However being picnic weather I don’t always find cold pizza transports well. So this weekend I played around with making pizza pinwheels which have promptly been names pizza rolls by Miss K.  Her initial comment was “Mummy what’s this” followed by “Can I have another”.  My 9 month old baby also found these easy to eat and quickly demolished one.

The fiddly bit about these is rolling them up, and that really isn’t too tricky. What is tricky is keeping enough back for the freezer stash too! What I love about these is how versatile they can be, you could fill them with all sorts of things. I pretty much emptied my leftovers out of the fridge for these ones. 

Dietitian UK: Pizza Pinwheels being rolled up DSC_2453

Dietitian UK: Pizza Pinwheels, gluten free

These transported very well, in fact probably better than sandwiches would have done. They survived Miss K shaking the picnic box, turning it upside down and a trip in the bottom of the buggy. 

Healthier than sausage rolls, pies and pasties…. A definite must for the picnic season and the buffet table too. 

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