Healthier Chocolate Beetroot Brownies: wheat free, gluten free.

I love a chocolate brownie, who doesn’t? But they so often just don’t agree with me. Due to having Crohns diease I have to e wheat free and I can’t tolerate too much fat.  For ages I have been meaning to play around with making a lighter, healthier, wheat free version of a brownie. Finally, one Friday night, after teaching Pilates and doing ballet, I had the moment I needed. That chocolately, cakey craving. 

Now I like beetroot, but only in small quantities. This is definitely a good way to use beetroot if you grow your own or get a glut given to you. In fact it may be the best way to cook with beetroot 😉 It really is surprisingly nice. I may even have to grow beetroot next year just to make it again. 

Dietitian UK: Healthier Chocolate, Beetroot Brownies

Any other good beetroot recipes, please do share.

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