Red cabbage, apple and carrot healthy slaw.

BBQ season almost makes my heart sink. I really am not a fan of huge hunks of meat, especially when they are not cooked well and partially cremated. I should be a vegetarian really, if I lived alone I probably would be. Add to the meat issue the fact that I am wheat intolerant and that add an extra dimension.

However I mentioned the word “almost”… BBQ’s have their saving graces. I love the social aspect, the outdoors aspect, the totally English way that people still BBQ in the rain, the relaxed atmosphere. 

So for me BBQ’s become less about the meat and more about the salads. Salad doesn’t have to be boring. Really, it doesn’t.

I grew up in a hotel, that provided very good food to some very lucky guests. My mum’s cooking was legendary. On Sundays it was quiche and salad night. I think this was devised in order to make life a bit easier, less cooking, more time for church and family time. However my mum, being my mum, used to make about 7 different salads. Not your lettuce, tomato, cucumber type of salad, but all kinds of incredibly inventive salads full of colour, crunch and taste.

This salad reminds me of those days. I made it because my husband bought a red cabbage instead of a white cabbage. Which ended up being a genius shopping mistake, this salad is so much better for the red and not the white. I made it for a BBQ and it got great reviews. 

So at your next BBQ I challenge you to focus less on the meat and more on the salad. Go on. 

Dietitian UK: Red Cabbage, apple and carrot slaw (healthy coleslaw recipe)

This will also make a great side salad 🙂 I’ve got leftovers in my fridge that I’m looking forward to having this weekend. 

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