Healthy Meal Planner: Week 1.

Looking to lose weight?

In need of some healthy meal ideas that are tried, tested and suitable for the family?

Wanting to eat heathily but not miss out on the taste and flavour?

Needing someone to plan your meals for you and save you some time?


Designed to help you with healthy eating and weight loss this is a 7 day meal planner written by specialist dietitian Priya Tew. It consists of 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners and 14 snack ideas.


This is not a calorie counted meal plan but a healthy balanced meal plan. Why no calories? Well personally I don’t think calories are a practical part of everyday life and I certainly do not go around counting the calories of foods I eat. Instead I set out to help people make healthier choices and feel confident in knowing if they eat the right foods they will be happier and healthier. This is a long term approach to eating for life rather than a short term diet.


As a specialist in eating disorders I’ve learnt that calories can really be very unhelpful and following a strict meal plan is not compatible with normal life.  My clients like to have meal ideas that they can then use to make a meal plan themselves. 


 All these meals can be used for the whole family, they are meals that my family enjoys eating, so you can feel confident about introducing them to your family too. Feel free to substitute meals in the week or make a swap from week’s plan to the next. 


Each day is balanced containing at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, 2-3 portions of dairy foods, whole grains and proteins. Fish, red meat, white meat and vegetarian meals are all included giving you a good balance across the week.


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