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Winter Warmer Healthy Soups

Soup is one of those lunches that keeps me going in the colder, dreary, grey months. I get cold easily, and having a large bowl of warm soup in my belly helps warm me, fill me and I know it’s good for me. A great way to get at least 1 portion of veggies into […]

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Banana Oaty Bars

 Mini-Disaster in our house usually means…. there is no flapjack left, we are out of milk, Miss K cannot find a very important item (insert “really not important in the grand scheme of life but a calamity to her”), or a section of the train track has come apart. I quite love the fact that […]

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Redcurrant Cassis

We’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in France. Imagine staying in a beautiful farmhouse, being cooked amazing food daily, rural runs and enjoying wine, cheese and good company for a week. Sound perfect? It was. Our friends run “New Community La Vay” in Maisoncelles la Jourdan, Vire. A tiny village I had been to […]

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Dietitian UK: Meal Planner

Meal Planning: make life simpler, smarter and sustainable.

Every now and again I get myself into a bit of a stressful state, life feels like it’s overtaking me, I have lists of things to do, nothing feels like it’s getting done and suddenly I realise I’ve no idea what we’re eating for dinner and am running low on food. DISASTER. You know that […]

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Dietitian UK: Fully Cooked Frittata

Frittata, Frattati, Frittato

Frittata. It’s a great word. Try playing around with it in your mouth. It lends itself to all kinds of twists and turns. In our house Frittata night usually means it’s been a busy day, the cook of the house is tired and something quick and easy is needed for dinner. This recipe is satisfying […]

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Dietitian UK: Coleslaw

Crunchy, Healthy, Happy Coleslaw

Coleslaw takes me back to my childhood days on the Isle of Wight. My parents had a hotel and every Sunday it was quiche and salad day (and No this wasn’t the 70’s I’m not that old yet!). Now this wasn’t the limp lifeless bit of lettuce and cucumber hanging off the plate, but a […]

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Dietitian UK Banana Bread and Butter Pudding

Banana Bread and Butter Pudding.

Do you ever end up with slightly hard bits of bread? Wonder what to do with them? Well feeding them to the ducks and the chickens is often my response, however now I’m making most of my own bread it makes me really want to get the most out of a loaf. So yesterday I […]

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Dietitian UK: Gluten free, toddler friendly Ginger Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits: gluten free, toddler friendly or great with a cuppa.

I’ve had a yearning to make ginger biscuits for a while and today I finally kicked myself into action and did it. My little toddler helper was very pleased to be cooking as we’ve been reading all about Maisy making Gingerbread the past few days, so making Ginger biscuits was the same in her eyes […]

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Wheat Free Falafel

Falafels: great family food.

I’ve recently got really into beans and pulses. We’ve always eaten a lot of hummus in our house and added beans to casseroles, but  since choosing to cut down on our meat consumption bean mania has hit us. So with some friends popping by with their little ones for lunch I needed a quick, easy […]

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One chicken, 4 meals, no waste.

We’re not the most traditional family and I must admit I like that. So no roast over Christmas for us, and usually no Sunday roast either. However today, being my husbands weekend off we made the most of it and had a roast. Everytime we do this I remember how tasty it is, how much […]

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