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Dietitian UK: It's serious stuff this cake decoration.

C is for Cake, Christmas and Calm.

Christmas this year is going to be a bit different for us. We have friends staying for about 3 weeks, which is lovely, especially as they are more than happy to play toddler games and babysit. For Christmas itself we are deserting our friends and going on a large family holiday to Marrakesh, which means […]

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Dietitian UK: Homemade Bean Burgers and Salad

Spicy Bean Burger Heaven

I love bean burgers. They are one of those foods that want me make to turn vegetarian. But they just aren’t one of those things that I make very often. Till now. Tonight was one of those evenings where I hadn’t got round to planning dinner, so I turned to the fridge for inspiration…. the […]

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Making Fishcakes Vlog

My top 5 reasons to make Fishcakes: 1. A delicious way to get the family to eat fish, suitable as weaning food, finger food and adult food too. 2. An easy way to mix veggies into a meal (these ones have mushrooms but it could be any veg of your choice). 3. Great for the […]

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Dietitian UK: Fully Cooked Frittata

Frittata, Frattati, Frittato

Frittata. It’s a great word. Try playing around with it in your mouth. It lends itself to all kinds of twists and turns. In our house Frittata night usually means it’s been a busy day, the cook of the house is tired and something quick and easy is needed for dinner. This recipe is satisfying […]

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The Joys of Toddler Eating.

Yesterday I was sat having lunch with my toddler, Kezia – hummous and rice cakes with avocado and tomato. All foods that I know she likes but avocado is one that we haven’t eaten in a while. She tasted a slice of it, pulled a hilarious face, removed it from her mouth, and in true […]

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Dietitian UK: Aubergine curry and RiceDietitian UK: Aubergine curry and Rice

Aubergine Curry, gluten free, weaning friendly.

Aubergines, I pretty much love them. Those who know me well will probably suggest it’s to do with them being deep purple…. I’ll admit it that may be part of it…..I have aubergine coloured curtains in my bedroom and a purple car……but that’s not the only reason. There is someting about the meaty, chunky texture […]

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Dietitian UK Banana Bread and Butter Pudding

Banana Bread and Butter Pudding.

Do you ever end up with slightly hard bits of bread? Wonder what to do with them? Well feeding them to the ducks and the chickens is often my response, however now I’m making most of my own bread it makes me really want to get the most out of a loaf. So yesterday I […]

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Dietitian UK: Gluten free, toddler friendly Ginger Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits: gluten free, toddler friendly or great with a cuppa.

I’ve had a yearning to make ginger biscuits for a while and today I finally kicked myself into action and did it. My little toddler helper was very pleased to be cooking as we’ve been reading all about Maisy making Gingerbread the past few days, so making Ginger biscuits was the same in her eyes […]

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No fat, No sugar, Superhealthy oaty bars.

Flapjacks go down a storm in our house, I’m wheat free so they fill a much needed gap in my mouth. Now it seem little Kezia is a bit of a flapjack lover. In fact, as soon as she spies the tin I keep them in I get a pointy finger and a sign for […]

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