Sweets linked to less overweight children.

So here is a link to a recent article I was quoted in… it got me thinking. The article was about a study that followed a more than 11,000 children from 2-18 years over 5 years. They found children who ate sweets were 22% less prone to be overweight or obese compared to those who did not eat sweets.


I think it’s a good example of how media spin can confuse people, the headline suggests we should be feeding our children more sweets. Surely not helpful in a society that is struggling with obesity and diabetes. What is not mentioned is how often sweets were consumed by these children or how active they are, and the rest of their diet is also a huge factor. This study was not a case of letting children overindulge in “treat” foods but showed that children who regularly ate sweets learnt how to eat sensible portions and balance their food intake.

Having small children this is a topical area for me. I want my children to grow up appreciating how to have a healthy balanced diet and that includes how to eat sweets and chocolate on a semi-regular basis in sensible amounts. Therefore I need to firstly model this myself and secondly let my children  eat these foods so they learn how to moderate their intake.

Fatty and sugary foods are included in the EatWell plate (see below image) that we use to demonstrate balanced eating  so remember its ok to eat these foods its just how often and how much of them you eat 🙂 I’m off for a couple of squares of dark chocolate mmmmm.

Healthy Eating on a Plate.


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One thought on “Sweets linked to less overweight children.

  1. That is exactly what I am trying to avoid with my son – I was never allowed sweets/crisps and got in trouble for sneaking them, and bingeing on them when I was older and am now overweight. My son isn’t and I want him to enjoy sweets in a reasonable manner.

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