Baby Party Time

We’ve recently hit baby party season. A whole heap of our baby friends are turning one, and it’s the Christmas season too. Usually for me parties are rather a non-event in terms of eating, being wheat free the majority of buffet food is a no-no and you’ll tend to find me propping up the carrot sticks and hummous table.

This season parties have taken on a whole new feel. How do I feel about my little bundle tucking into party food? We are a bunch of pretty healthy eaters in our house, in my book that means we also include some treats like cake, biscuits and chocolate on an occasional basis. So I’ve taken the same view of party food, it’s a treat, a new experience and exposure to foods that we wouldn’t normally have at home, it’s also a lovely social way of eating. I’ve loved watching the babies engaging with each other and watching each other munch. At one party they were all feeding each other, lovely to watch.

Interestingly Kezia herself hasn’t been that into all the party food. Chips are a definite thumbs down as was ice-cream (so mummy enjoyed the ice-cream instead!). She is more of a fruit monster and quite partial to a nice piece of cake 🙂

At Kezia’s 1st birthday party we tried to keep food along the healthier lines – raw veggies with dips, banana flapjack, fresh fruit, chunks of cheese and small crackers plus of course….CAKE.

Top tips for baby parties:

  • Let them enjoy some different foods, even if they are not the healthiest. Keep to sensible portions though.
  • Encourage the social side of eating, it’s a fun time and mess is ok.
  • Keep meals the rest of the day healthy, make sure those fruit and veggies are eaten.
  • See party day as a treat day and try to balance it out over the week.
  • Take a small selection of party foods onto a plate for your baby to choose from rather than staying near the buffet table.
  • Keep a bib handy and some wipes.
  • Take a selection of foods your baby likes in case they are not keen on the party food but want to eat.
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