Buckwheat Butternut Squash Ravioli and Noodles

One of my prized kitchen gadgets is my pasta maker. I’d wanted one for ages, then when I finally was bought one for Christmas I was of course super excited and quickly started making pasta. It was all going so well until I had to go wheat free. I had been meaning for absolutely ages to try out making wheat free/gluten free pasta, however a combination of much work and a small baby put things on hold 😉

Whilst having a rare baby free moment I slipped into one of my favourite places on the way home after a clinic… a food shop! I always end up looking round the special dietary foods sections and the baking section. This time I ended up buying some buckwheat flour. I use a large range of wheat free flours in my cooking – rice, tapioca, potato, rye, cornmeal… but buckwheat in one I hadn’t tried, and I was super excited to see it mentioned being good for pasta making. Woohoo!

So this week I’ve had a play with pasta, with buckwheat flour and fresh eggs from our chickens. I’ve found making the dough so quick and easy, getting use to the pasta machine has been the slower, trickier side but it’s getting there!


Our first buckwheat pasta meal was a Courgette Carbonara, a variation on the theme of Carbonara as I don’t use cream, so it’s healthier, lighter version and packed with veggies. I used thin strips of courgette, along with some mushrooms, some half fat creme fraiche and fresh herbs.


Yesterday I decided to make Butternut squash Ravioli using fresh buckwheat pasta. Now I won’t lie, this was time consuming. However I did it in stages around the baby. So whilst she snacked I had the butternut filling on the go, we made the dough together and then as she did some felt tip extravaganza I rolled out the dough and made the Ravioli. The thing I liked about this was I was able to leave the Ravioli covered in the fridge until we needed to eat and it was so quick to cook. We ate it with a little bit of pesto, partially as I hadn’t got round to making a sauce to go with it!

A brief recap of my recipe was: 1 butternut squash peeled, chopped then cooked with a little olive oil, white wine  and water along with onion and garlic. I added fresh herbs (parsley and sage), nutmeg, seasoned and pureed it. The buckwheat pasta was 200g buckwheat flour with 2 eggs. And here are the Ravioli themselves…not perfect but ok for a first attempt I hope you’ll agree!


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2 thoughts on “Buckwheat Butternut Squash Ravioli and Noodles

  1. I’ve just made the butternut squash pasta, and used egg replacer instead of eggs as I have a daughter with allergies. It was also my first time using a pasta machine, and with two children practically standing on top of me, they came out okay, but the pasta was too thick.

    But the egg replacer seemed to work and the kids were eating it – and thats the main thing!!!

    Mine also didn’t look anything like the better presented ones above!!!!!!

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