Bye Bye NHS, Hello Freelance World.

So this week has been a momentous one for me, in fact this month has been pretty huge. At the start of this month and this year I won an #SBS award from Theo Paphitis (Dragon’s Den), a huge surprise and honour. Then I had the excitement of my new logo being unveiled, which makes me smile everytime I use it.

Dietitian UK


So after all that fun I then had another momentous occasion this month… my last day of working for the NHS.

I’ve worked for the Eating Disorder Service as part of Southern Health NHS Trust for 6 years and its fair to say I have really loved my job (well most of the time!). When I started in the position there had been no dietitian for some time, I was presented with 1 out of date diet sheet and a thin folder of paper, that was a dietetic department! Over my years there I have built up the resources, leaving behind me a wealth of diet sheets, folders full of the evidence base for all the advice I give out and resources for all the groups that are run. One big part of my job that I have loved is being part of the daycare team, eating meals with the clients (or watching them not eat as the case sometimes can be), cooking with them and running group sessions. It’s definitely not a job for the faint hearted but it is something I will miss.

Why have I done this? Well mainly due to having this little one to run around after. Working 9-5 for me just wasn’t going to work. So we’ve taken the plunge, pushed aside the stable income and am working in a way to suit family life. It’s a big leap for me but one that feels very right.

I’m now looking forward to the future of Freelance work. So if you need a dietitian to work with your company, to see you individually or to work with you on PR materials, please get in touch!

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