Courgette Lasagne with Fresh Buckwheat pasta.

Today was a cold day and when I say cold I mean COLD – not wanting to go outside, a prefer to stay under the duvet and drink tea type of day. Having a one year old generally means duvet days are not allowed, but it has been a day when I’ve not been quite running at top speed. A day when you want warm, tasty food.

So 4pm comes and little one is napping….but on me… so I took the time to plan dinner. ย Knowing we had 3 courgettes I took those as the theme and settled on Courgette Lasagne. Lasagne is something we all love but being wheat free I don’t make it often. However after my recent fresh buckwheat pasta experiments I decided to take it a step further and try a lasagne.

The final result was DELICIOUS! If you have the time and inclination then do try this, it was well worth the effort.

I started off getting the husband to grate 3 courgettes (which he was most bemused by and kept asking if I was sure). I cooked these with 3 cloves of garlic and 1 onion. The courgettes will release a lot of water so you don’t need much oil. To make it a nice creamy mix we added Quark as it was what I had in the fridge but you could add Ricotto. Then whilst a homemade tomato sauce reduced down on the hob I made the buckwheat pasta. Literally all I used was 200g buckwheat flour, 2 eggs and a dash of olive oil.

Making the lasagne sheets was easy, just roll and slice. I like this type of easy cooking ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a pasta machine but a rolling pin would do it too, I ended up using both.

Layer it up – courgette mix, tomato sauce, pasta, courgette mix, pasta tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.

Bake at Gas Mark 5 for 30 minutes, the pasta should be al dente (check with a knife) and the parmesan golden and bubbling. Our house smelt divine.

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11 thoughts on “Courgette Lasagne with Fresh Buckwheat pasta.

  1. OK. Am going to pin this, as I would really like to try it. I’m experimenting with wheat-free baking, but haven’t yet attempted pastry or pasta. (We had buckwheat and barley flour pancakes this morning for pancake day, which were delicious and so much lighter than the wheat ones.)

    1. I’ve found pasta really easy, but haven’t tried pastry. I’m doing buckwheat and rice flour pancakes tonight. Thanks for pinning.

  2. I made it and it was lovely. The pasta was a little too al dente, but I think that’s because I probably rolled it a little thick. Absolutely loved the courgette filling, too (I used mascarpone with a bit of parmesan) and am planning to use it in other things, though haven’t worked out what yet. And I’m going to try the buckwheat pasta again.

    Incidentally, do you have any ideas on a low-GI non-wheat flour that doesn’t have such a strong taste? I made some stunning chocolate muffins yesterday, but the buckwheat taste is a little overpowering for my daughter.

    1. Lovely to hear your feedback Tasha ๐Ÿ™‚ It can be hard to get the pasta nice and thin. Maybe try brown rice flour or spelt flour (if your daughter can tolerate spelt)? I use rice flour a lot.

  3. Thank you – will give rice and spelt flour a go – not sure about spelt, but keep meaning to try it. My cupboard is full of different flours – I think I may be a developing a bit of an obsession.

  4. Hi Priya,

    I just wanted to say BRaVO for making the pasta sheets by your self.It takes a bit of time but its worth its taste and kids love it.

    (italian dietitian and pasta lover)

  5. Hi Priya

    I just wanted to say BRAVO for making fresh pasta by yourself. It is a bit of a time consuming activity but it’s worth its taste and kids love helping in the prep.

    (italian dietitian and pasta lover)

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