Buckwheat Pancakes – Wheat and gluten free.

With pancake day fast approaching I’ve been playing around with pancake recipes that are wheat free, gluten free and tasty. If like me you forget about pancakes the rest of the year, maybe this recipe will inspire you to make them a bit more often.


50g/2 oz Buckwheat Flour

50g/2 oz Rice or Tapioca Flour

200ml milk

2 eggs

Mix the flour, make a well and add the eggs, add the milk a little at a time, whisking until you get the right consistency (double cream).

I use a spray oil (rapeseed oil) and kitchen roll when cooking pancakes to ensure the pan stays lightly oiled but also that I’m not using too much oil.

These pancakes came out with a lovely light texture and cooked really easily, in fact I found them better than the wheat filled variety! Give them a go people, but be careful not to overindulge in those toppings.

Buckwheat Pancake

Healthy Topping Ideas:

  • Chopped banana and 1 square of melted chocolate
  • Blueberries and 0% Greek yoghurt
  • Stewed apple, cinnamon and raisins (cook apples with a little sweetener, cloves, cinnamon and raisins)
  • Frozen berries cooked with a little water to make a sauce
  • Nutella
  • Nut Butter warmed slightly with a sprinkle of flax seeds
  • Lemon and a drizzle of honey
  • Tinned peaches and quark or 0% Greek yoghurt
  • Low fat cream cheese with mushrooms/spinach/grapes

What do you like on your pancakes?


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