Roast Dinner Soup.

Roast Dinners, they are delicious…we like to have a free range chicken and plenty of yummy roasted veggies. But what about those leftovers? Personally I don’t like to waste them, so quite often we make a roast dinner soup. I must be honest, to me this is just as good as the roast dinner itself! Here it is:

Roast Dinner Soup


Remove the meat from the chicken carcass and place the bones in a large pan, add a couple of bay leaves.

Cover with half milk and half water, simmer for 10 minutes, then strain the milk into a pan and keep the bones for stock.

Chop up any left over veggies or add more veggies in and simmer to thicken slightly. I sometimes add a little cornflour mixed with cold water if it needs thickening more, however roast potatoes help with this too!

Season and add grated nutmeg if you have any (it’s yummy!).

Enjoy x



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