Wheat Free Pizza

Wheat Free, Healthy, Happy Pizza

Being wheat free one of the things I miss is pizza. Not the cheesy, pepperoni deep pan bought version (that’s so not me) but the artichoke, sun dried tomato, mozzarella cheese home made type. Our bread maker has a dough setting that makes a fantastic wheat filled pizza dough, you can literally spin it around on your finger….truly elastic and tasty. So I’ve been slowly working on my wheat free version, here it is for you:

Wheat Free Pizza
Wheat Free Pizza


3/4 cup rice flour

3/4 cup Doves farm plain flour

1/2 cup corn meal

1 cup water

1/2 tsp yeast

1/2 tsp xanthum gum

Drizzle of olive oil (about 1/2 tbsp)

1 tsp sugar

I put all this in my bread make and whack it on the dough setting. It will turn out quite wet and not look like dough but don’t worry. All you need to do is  knead it on the worktop with more rice flour until it comes together and then roll it out. Place onto a floured baking tray and top with your choice of yummy toppings. We often empty our fridge onto pizza’s, using up all the leftover (ratatouille went on this one). I particularly like putting a bit of pesto on the base too.

Tips to make your pizza healthier:

  • Pile on the veggies – sweetcorn, peppers, mushrooms, tinned artichokes, tomatoes, top with spinach or rocket afterwards.
  • Make your own tomato sauce for the base – simmer a tin of chopped tomatoes with pepper and herbs and allow it to reduce, add 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tbsp tomato puree or if you are super lazy like I sometime am just use some tomato puree and pesto 😉
  • Use lean meats or fish – mackerel, pilchards and sardines are heart healthy and taste great.
  • Less is more – cut back on the cheese using more mature cheddar so your get that cheese fix or switch to mozzarella which is lower in fat.
  • Serve with a salad.

Bake at Gas Mark 5 for 20 minutes and enjoy 🙂


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