Wheat Free Soda Bread

Most of you know by now that I’m wheat intolerant, it’s not really a personal choice but due to necessity. I have Crohns disease and eating wheat makes it sooooo much worse and can trigger a flare up. So I’ve learnt to steer well away from anything that has wheat in. Years ago I used to sit and mope whilst my husband ate baguettes, cake or pasta, bless him he actually used to tell me it tasted horrid and would pull faces to try to convince me! Now the joy of being older seems to mean I’m a tiny bit wiser and I’m not so bothering about missing out, preferring instead to find good alternatives.

Yes eating out is more difficult and lunch especially can be more of a challenge in a sandwich loving world but seeing as I like to cook and eating in is cheaper plus healthier it really doesn’t matter.

Bread, now that’s one thing I do miss at least once a week. There are plenty of wheat free breads in the shops now and some are actually quite edible 😉 the fresh ones can be very good, but they are so expensive and I’d not super rich….yet. So instead I’m slowly on a mission to perfect my wheat free bread. I’d welcome your tips.

This weekend I revisited wheat free soda bread. Last time I made it Little Miss Tew helped me a bit too much and I think it was overworked, it was doughy. This time I used all rice flour (at the time I queried this and I should remember to listen to my head at times) so it turned out quite crumbly…. but apart from that was pretty good. I managed go convince my helped to knead her homemade playdough instead of bread dough…. worked well but I think some play dough may have ended up in the bread, good jobs it’s also wheat free.

My next attempt at soda bread will be using a blend of rice flour, buckwheat and cornmeal I think with some Xanthum gum. What I love about soda bread is it is so quick to make. Literally weigh it all out, mix it, a quick knead and bung in the oven. I made my loaf in 15 mins prep plus 30 mins cooking, that’s with a 1 year old to amuse so you may be quicker!

P.S – Yes there is a bit missing off the loaf, I had to taste it as soon as it came out the oven, I’m that impatient!


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