Dietitian UK- Porridge

Eating Breakfast makes you Slimmer!

Do you eat Breakfast? Do you know it can affect your BMI and lead to your being slimmer? I bet you want to eat it now!

Dietitian UK- Porridge
Dietitian UK- Porridge

Research has shown that people who eat breakfast usually have

  • better nutritional intakes
  • improved cognitive function
  • are less prone to depression
  • have a lower BMI

It may seem upside down that eating a decent breakfast can lead to you being slimmer, the reason for it is not fully known but here are the theories:

  • Breakfast eaters may eat less calories later on in the day and make better food choices. Not all studies agree with this, but some studies show Breakfast skippers over-compensate later in the day.
  • Breakfast eaters may burn off more energy in the day, some studies show breakfast skippers are less active.
  • Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism in the morning and this may play a role in burning calories.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey has shown children eating breakfast cereal have better nutritional  profiles and are slimmer than breakfast skippers and those eating other forms of breakfast foods. Adults eating a high carbohydrate breakfast such as bread/cereal also had a lower BMI.

Breakfast Eaters tend to have better intakes of fruit and vegetables, calcium, fibre, vitamins A,C, zinc, iron, carbohydrate and consume less soft drinks and fat. This may also help explain whey breakfast eaters have been found to be slimmer, they have a healthier lifestyle!

Eating breakfast also improves mood, concentration, memory and learning ability. So not only could it make you more effective at work but it can help children at school too.

What to eat for Breakfast:

The best choices are high fibre whole grain foods – cereals and toast. Here’s some suggestions:

  • A high fibre, wholegrain breakfast cereal with milk and fruit is a great option.
  • Wholegrain toast with a 2 tbsp baked beans or grilled tomatoes.
  • Scrambled/poached egg on rye bread.
  • Porridge with dried fruit and cinnamon.
  • Home made muesli using oats, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, served with low fat natural yoghurt.
  • Wholegrain bagel with lean ham and sliced tomato – great to take on the run.
What are your favourite breakfasts?


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