Dietitian UK: Hampshire Chutney Company chutneys.

Chutney Bliss

A little while ago the lovely Hampshire Chutney Company sent my 2 of their chutneys to try. Excitedly I opened the well wrapped parcel to find…

1. Atul Kochars Pumpkin Festival Chutney

2. Caramelised Carrot Chutney

Dietitian UK: Hampshire Chutney Company chutneys.
Dietitian UK: Hampshire Chutney Company chutneys.

Now I love a good chutney, they can really add that extra something to a dish. Plus I love local produce – so this was already a winning combo. I’ve spent the past few weeks trying these babies out with a whole range of foods. My favourite chutney has to the the pumpkin one. Why? Well I love a bit of spice and this has just the right kick for me, it’s great with almost everything! I’ve had it with cheese, curry, sandwiches, with sliced apple and it’s been super tasty with all of these. I love the pumpkin seeds that are in it and the chunky texture.

The carrot chutney is quite a sweet one, I’m not known for my sweet tooth but I did enjoy this with cheese or in a sandwich. My toddler really enjoyed it and the husband sampled it with a cheese board. If you have a sweet tooth this is a great way to get some extra flavour in and I love the fact that it is literally jam packed full of carrots!

So if you like a bit of chutney why not pop over and say hello to the Hampshire Chutney Company and tell them I sent you 😉

Disclaimer: this is not a paid review, all views are my own.


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