Dietitian UK: Binge Eating Cycle

Binge Eating Tips

One of the problems with binge eating is that people get stuck in a vicious cycle where concern over shape and weight leads to dieting and restriction
of food, this then leads to binge-eating which makes the person feel worse and so the cycle restarts

Routined Eating

Get into a routine of eating regular meals and snacks. Erratic eating confuses the body and can mean you can’t recognise hunger and fullness signals, so you need to re-train yourself. Leave no more than 4 hours between eating and do your best not to eat outside of your meal routine.

Dietitian UK: Binge Eating Cycle

Go Slow:

Concentrate when eating, try to eat at a sensible speed, sit down when eating and make times for meals.

Analyse the binges:

Keep a food diary and review it regularly – are you missing any meals or snacks. If binges are happening, is there a pattern, for example is it in the evenings after dinner when you are bored?

Limit binge foods:

Limit binge foods in your house, car and desk drawer! The less access you have to then the less likely you are to binge.

Keep Busy:

Plan activities into your day and evening to keep your mind and hands occupied. Binges can occur due to boredom, loneliness, tiredness, anxiety and stress.

Distraction Power:

Distraction is one of the best techniques for preventing a binge. Write down a list of activities you can do that don’t include food: taking a shower, exercising, visiting a friend, playing music, reading a book etc… use these when the urge to binge creeps up on you.

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4 thoughts on “Binge Eating Tips

  1. oh my goodness, this just somes me up…rushes food, no regular eating pattern etc….
    why do the tips and strategies to help look so simple written out in black and write, but in practice…? well that’s a completely different story!!
    thanks for all the tips 🙂 x

    1. That’s so true Hannah, it’s all easy to say but harder to do! That’d often where I find my role comes in… motivating, encouraging and reminding people how to and why to stay on track. Best of luck and thanks for the comments.

  2. Great article. I binge, for sure. I’m not really an active dieter, I just go through periods of not really being hungry and then suddenly I’m ravenous and eat til I feel very ill. Hard cycle to break, but I find stopping and having a glass of water resets my thinking a bit and helps me stop raiding the cupboards.

    1. Thanks so much. A great tip there. Drinking water can be really helpful in giving you time to think and helping reset the hunger signal. Having less of the foods you like to binge on in the cupboards is also a good idea but not always practical.

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