Top Tips for Jamming

It’s Jam and Chutney season… here are some great tips from Wares of Knutsford on jamming. Enjoy 🙂

I recently made my own Plum jam and my is it good!

“Making your own jam is immensely satisfying. Nothing tastes better on toast or scones. For those of us who made jam or watched jam-making as children it also brings back some lovely memories of fruit picking, boiling sugar and full jars with fabric covers.

Choosing and tasting your fruit is a huge part of the fun. Many people fondly recall picking blackberries, plums, apples or strawberries as a child and having a little taste just to make sure it’s good enough. You can use under-ripe fruit – it has more pectin – but it won’t have the richer scent and flavour of a fruit that’s ripened a little longer. Harvesting is a magical part of the process, but don’t double the recipe because you have a lot of fruit. Jam-making is quite a science and messing around with quantities could mean it won’t set.

The secret of jam-making is speed and efficiency. Warming the sugar before adding it can speed up the process considerably and not removing the foam on top until the very end cuts down on your time and on wastage. The best jam is that made in small batches from really fresh fruit. Making it this way is faster and allows for more control over the process. It lets you experiment with the amount of pectin or lemon juice you need and your sugar quantities and should the worst happen and the bottom of the pan burn, you won’t have wasted a huge quantity of fruit. Small batches are also easier than large ones to make with a young helper if you have one, which is great for passing along the memories and love of fresh jam to the next generation.”

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