Dietitian UK: Bitter Orange Leaf

Oranges – bitter or sweet? A tidbit from Marrakech.

I’m in Marrakech right now, it’s a feast for the sense full of Souks alive with sights, smells and food to get your salivary glands going 😉

On the way to the Souks we walked through a beautiful park, full of Orange trees.


Dietitian UK: Orange Tree
Dietitian UK: Orange Tree

Being me I suggested we pick a few for our lunch, but was informed these orange trees have bitter oranges. How can you tell that I hear you cry?

The leaves….


Dietitian UK: Bitter Orange Leaf
Dietitian UK: Bitter Orange Leaf

If there is a double leaf as in this picture then it is a bitter orange tree. See the tiny little leaf right near the top of the stem? These oranges are exported to the UK for marmalade making.  Pretty cool fact huh. I love how nature has it’s own perfect code.

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