Holiday Foods: what does it mean to you?

Holidays, what do they mean to you? To me it’s usually about relaxing, enjoying great food, seeing amazing sights and making special memories. My parents live out in Spain, which means we have to go out and visit them from time to time…..all that sun, sea and Sangria…. it’s a hard life 😉

This holiday has involved having the joys of a toddler…and I really do mean the joys. Today I loved hearing “Wow, horses” at horse drawn carriages and watching her sheer delight on the beach has been amazing, plus being in a hot place has meant the treat of an ice lolly.

Being pregnant and having a toddler has meant things are slightly different… no going out in the evenings for dinners and drinks, no long lazy lunches as toddler needs a nap, the constant need to find toilets (for me) and carry snacks (for us both) and definitely no Sangria (major BOO).

However, I do have a toddler who is also loves food, trying new places to eat and new experiences. So we have been treated by my parents to some super yummy meals cooked at home and have enjoyed snacking out and about. Being wheat free makes it slightly more complicated but not impossible.

I’ve been having giant amazing strawberries with breakfast, lots of different cheeses, my mum has cooked steak for my hubby (his favourite) and prawn for me (one of my favourites).

What are your favourite holiday foods?

Here are some of our favourite food moments so far:

Dietitian UK: Steak and Salad
Dietitian UK: Steak and Salad

Dietitian UK: Holiday Ice-Cream!
Dietitian UK: Holiday Ice-Cream!


Dietitian UK: Prawns of yumminess.
Dietitian UK: Prawns of yumminess.
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