Review: Newburn BakeHouse Gluten Free Products

I love receiving parcels, so when there was a knock on the door and the postman delivered a box of gluten free, wheat free products from the lovely people at Newburn Bakehouse it really made my day.

I was sent a packet of white baguettes, some seeded bread, a packet of morning muffins and some white wraps.

Dietitian UK: Review of Newburn Bakehouse Products
Dietitian UK: Review of Newburn Bakehouse Products

Seeded Bread:

Now I’ve tried a lot of gluten free breads in my time and I’ve been disappointed an awful lot of those time. This was not one of those moments. This is quite possibly now my favourite gluten free bread. The mix of seeds included are linseeds, poppy seeds, sunflower and millet seeds, which add to the texture and nutrition of this bread. At 4.1g fat it may seem a little high but that is due to those seeds of course. It works straight from the packet, toasted and you know what… it actually tastes like bread! I also found that it kept well. A big thumbs up.


I’ll be honest I had completely forgotten about baguettes even really being a possibility in my diet untill I visited my parents in Spain and my mum had found a wheat free baguette. That got my taste buds tingling. Who doesn’t like a lovely crusty bit of white baguette – naughty but oh so nice 🙂 This one really hit the spot when warmed up in the oven as per the packets instructions.

Dietitian UK: Newburn Bakehouse Baguette

Morning Muffins:

These were golden syrup flavoured. Now I don’t have a very sweet tooth and in my opinion these are far, far too sweet. The type of sweet that sets my teeth on edge. But as I don’t really do sweet cakes, that may be why. I certainly wouldn’t suggest these as a breakfast alternative but maybe as a treat if you like your cake sweet. They do have a good cakey texture, very moist and are pleasing on the eye. 


These I saved till last. I waited until I had a bit more time on my hands to both cook and eat… and made vegetable fajitas. What.a.treat. These are great warmed up and used for fajitas or used for a quick and easy lunch. 

Dietitian UK: Vegetable Fajitas

Thankyou Newburn Bakehouse for making such a great contribution to the gluten free market. Here is where to buy them in your local area.

Let me know if you try out these products and how you find them.






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