From Bump to Birth: Pilates in Pregnancy – Priya’s Antenatal Pilates DVD

Some of you may know that as well as being a dietitian I’m also a Pilates instructor. I love both my jobs and find they perfectly complement each other. Pregnancy is the perfect time to do Pilates, it’s a low impact form of exercise that helps strengthen and keeps your body working properly. Imagine those lower back niggles and pelvis aches being a thing of the past, plus having a strong core…. this DVD will do that.

The DVD was filmed when I was myself 18 weeks pregnant and the wonderful Alun Leppitt has done a fantastic job with directing and producing it. It just looks fabulous (squeal!!!). I teach 3 antenatal classes a week, seeing a large number of pregnant ladies each week so over time I’ve really come to find the exercises that help and are most useful.

“From Bump to Birth” is designed to help keep pregnant ladies strong, fit, mobile and toned throughout pregnancy. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and also after giving birth this DVD includes seated, stood, side lying and hands and knees sections so you can dip into whichever part you fancy.


Sat on Ball DSC_0884

Having been pregnant myself twice I’m well aware of the joy and also the pain of pregnancy. Personally for me Pilates has always been a life saver. Second time around carrying a toddler around has meant it has been even more important to practise what I preach.

Pilates can strengthen your core, so supporting your lower back, aiding with pregnancy back aches as well as help stabilise the pelvis as the exercises I use also focus on the muscles in the thighs and bum, so we support below the pelvis.

The DVD is available from our Pilates with Priya website, or if you are local come direct to us –  costing £15 if collected directly from our Southampton studio. Please do spread the word!


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