Review: Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Letterbox Cake

This cake was sent to me for free to review, no payment has exchanged hands.

Cake. Who doesn’t love it? So when the lovely people at Bakerdays wanted to send me a cake to review I was hardly going to say No 😉

The  variety of cakes on their website is quite something, there is quite literally a cake for every occasion, plus you can send in your own design for a personalised cake. I couldn’t decide what design I wanted so I suggested either a New baby cake, a cake for my birthday or a cake for Dietitian UK itself. Here is what arrived:

Dietitian UK: Letterbox Cake

Pretty lovely hey. I was really pleased with how it looked. The cake itself came packaged in a lovely tin which I will certainly be reusing and the whole package fitted very neatly through the letterbox. The cake itself provides 4-5 slices, so the perfect amount to give someone as a birthday gift for example. 

As a family we all tucked into the cake,  I’d asked for a gluten free one but it seemed mean not to share 😉

The verdict: the sponge itself was good, moist and had a good cakey texture. We found the icing a bit too sweet and too much, probably as the cake it very thin so you end up eating a large mouthful of icing and not as much sponge. All in all it was a good cake but more than that a wonderful concept and I was so pleased to see a gluten, wheat and dairy free option. Well done BakerDays.

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