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This is a review: the product was sent to me for free, there was no monetary compensation involved. All views and opinions expressed are my own and this is not a product endorsement.

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Snack bars, they are something I’m always on the look out for new and healthy options so I was excited to try these. The packaging and name was appealing and from an initial glance these were sounding good, especially as they are wheat free.

Taste: 8/10

There is no doubt that these are tasty, I particularly like the raspberry and cocau version. The only slight down side to the taste was I found there was a slightly oversweet taste, but I’m not a fan of sweetness so am rather over sensitive to it. They are also a good consistency, not too crumbly and not too solid making them easy to eat on the move.

Nutrition: 5/10

Made from all natural ingredients. These bars contain the currently popular virgin coconut oil, oats, agave nectar, palm nectar, cocao plus fruit in the fruit flavoured bars. 

Fats: 25g/100g so a massive 1/4 of this bar is fat. Coonut oil contains lauric acid, a medium chain saturated fat that may have a neutral or even beneficial effect on cholesterol levels, but the research on this is ongoing. Either way it is still a fat so you don’t want too much. 

Sugars: 31.9g/100g of which 16.6g sugars. This comes from the palm and agave nectar. These are “healthier” formsof sugar but still sugar, so I’d say these are high in sugar.

Fibre: 3.6g per 52g bar, coming from the oats so this is a good thing and it also potentially brings the glycaemic index of these nomalicious goodies down, althought the sugar content may counteract that.

These are dairy free  and I would say wheat free but not gluten free.

Convenience and Packaging: 8/10

Easy to pop in your bag and in simple packaging so you can see the product and eat it with ease.

Availability: 2/10

These bars are not easy to get hold of  at present though I’m sure that will change with time. Available through some online store, some smaller shops but intriguingly not through the Nom Bar website itself until 2014.

 Final Say:

Nom Bars are tasty and convenient to have in your bag or cupboard. Great as a treat but I wouldn’t reccomend these for an everyday snack.





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