Review: Usborne Activities Christmas Cooking Book.

This is a review. All opinions expressed are my own and this is not a product endorsement. I was kindly send the book by Usborne Books to review. No money was paid for this review, I was allowed to keep the book.

I love cooking with my toddler, it’s something we do together a lot. Fortunately she also loves it and is always asking to help me cook. So I was delighted to review this children’s cookery book from Usborne Books.

Dietitian UK: Usborne Cookery Book

The recipes in this book all look quite simple and there are clear steps and pictures to take you stage by stage through the recipes. My toddler loved looking through it and was very excited by some of the recipes. She was dying to make the Christmas tree cakes.

As we had some people coming over we made the Cheesy Stars. These would take me about 5 minutes to knock up unaided, so they really are simple to make and a lot of fun if you have a todlder who likes mixing, rolling and cutting. They went down very well with our friends with comments such as “These are very light have you used a special flour” (nope just cheap self raising!). My little one was very taken with these too, I omitted the salt from them and then these have made a good snack for her.

Dietitian UK: Cheesy Stars

The other recipe I tried was the chocolate fudge. I was quite intrigued by this due to the recipe containing cream cheese. Now this was a messy process and I’d say more for those who are used to cooking with their children and don’t mind clearing up afterwards! There is a lot of icing sugar to mix in, we ended up with icing sugar pretty much covering the kitchen. I left our fudge to set overnight in the fridge and then cut it, wrapped the piece in cellophane and parcelled it up to give away as Christmas gifts. There were some trimmings left over and it has gone down very well with my husband. I must admit the toddler hasn’t had much of it due to the sugar content. This is certainly a delicious recipe but one to keep as a treat or to make as a present for friends.

Dietitian UK: Chocolate Fudge

All in all this book has some lovely ideas and would make a great gift for someone who likes to bake with their children or someone you think may like to start. I’m fully in favour of getting children cooking as early as possible, so get in the kitchen and get cooking!


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