Review: Koji Drinks, put some fizz in your life.

Now I certainly enjoy a glass of something nice in the evenings, white wine is my usual choice. However in the past 4 years I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for 3.5 years and trying to get pregnant for the bit in between. That’s basically 4 years of not drinking very much wine and drinking a lot of water and tea. At times you just need a decent non-alcoholic grown up drink.

Lots of the non-alcoholic drinks I’ve tried are too sweet for my palate. Recently I was asked to work with Koji as a dietitian. I’m always slightly sceptical about new products until I get a chance to try them out and this was no different.

Koji is a sparkling fruit infusion, which is basically carbonated water with fruit extracts, natural flavours and a teeny bit of fructose. It is low in sugar when compared to other similar drinks, containing 3.3g sugars per 100ml or 1 tsp per 150ml glass. There are 3 flavours: Lemon and Ginger, Mandarin and Cranberry and Elderflower and Lime. My favourite is the Mandarin and Cranberry which looks like a glass of Rose wine.

Dietitian UK: Koji Mandarin and Cranberry
Koji: Mandarin and Cranberry, it’s almost Rose wine!

What I like about these drinks is they are grown up enough to have instead of a glass of wine but don’t have lots of “nasties” added into them. Yes there is some added sugar but it’s not too much.

My verdict – Water will always be the best option but a low sugar grown up drink like this is nice to have around for those times you need something extra.

This is a sponsored review post, I have been working for the company and recieved free product to taste, however all view are my own. See my Disclaimer here.

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