Review: Yumbox, the perfect portion control for lunch.

Sandwiches in our house are a rarity. I’m wheat free and don’t often buy wheat free bread, when I do tend to make my own I prefer it toasted and am so unused to sandwiches that I just have gone off them I think. I can see how sandwiches evolved and how useful they are for carrying around in a lunchbox but I just don’t want 2 pieces of bread with a filling. Give me a warm slice of bread with a topping or some crackers anyday.

So it is hardly surprising that Miss K who is now 3.5 years old has followed in her mummy’s footsteps. Not a huge fan of bread she much prefers a pitta sliced up, crackers or if it is bread a “sandwich open please mummy”. In a sandwich shop recently she asked for them to make it “open” and told them exactly how to do it. Whoops. I may have taught her a little too well!

Our favourite lunches always consist of lots of little bits, which makes packing a quick lunch to take with us a bit of a pain. It ends up a jumble or we need lots of little pots. So when I saw the Yumbox my eyes and mind lit up. What a perfect way to pack a lunch.

The Yumbox contains a pre-portioned tray with sections for fruit, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy.  The inside comes out to be washed and when you have the lid done up, the box can literally be turned upside down with no mess or spilages when you open it up. We eat fairly healthy lunches as it is, but having the pre-sectioned box did remind me to provide all the right elements in our lunches. 

Dietitian UK: YumBox Review 1

Dietitian UK: YumBox Review 3

Dietitian UK: YumBox Review 4

Miss K’s view “Mummy can I have this box everyday?”

  • Great for helping with portion control.
  • Encourages you to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Simple but fun to use.
  • Takes the hassle out of wrapping and packing!
  • Perfect for lunch on the go, lunches out and about or picnics.

 Dietitian UK: YumBox Review 2

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4 thoughts on “Review: Yumbox, the perfect portion control for lunch.

  1. That box looks really nutritious, are the portions child or adult sized? I could do with something like that to keep my portions under control.

    1. Hi Maureen, it’s aimed at children but if you eat carbohydrate other than bread/sandwiches it could be useful for a lunch for an adult. Or use it alongside a sandwich/pitta to provide the fruit and veg and snacks you need. The general idea of it is brilliant for children and adults.

  2. Thanks you for your lovely review. It is great to hear your views as a Dietitian and wonderful to see your healthy Yumbox inspiration!

  3. Great review! The Yumbox is fantastic. I have bought several ones for all the family (including myself :;) Its a decent size, very durable and more than anything teaches the kids about portion control and food groups! I got mine here

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