Baby Led Weaning at 8 months.

It’s been just over 2 months since the baby  started on food, he has completely taken to it. I’m taking quite a relaxed approach to weaning him, just offering him 3 meals and a snack if he asks for one or grabs a bit of mine.

So far I don’t think we’ve come across anything that he has refused to eat. Some days I find he isn’t that bothered with his evening meal and will just wait for yoghurt, but other days he eats loads. There doesn’t always seem to be much rhyme or reason to it, I find the key is to just go with it and not worry as right now he is just learning and getting his main nutrition from milk.

Baby led Weaning - 8 months

I offer fruit/vegetables, carbohydrate, protein and dairy foods at each lunch and dinner. This is usually a variation on what the rest of the family are eating. 

Dietitian UK: Baby Eats Salmon and Spring Vegetable Risotto


ReadyBrek mixed with some porridge oats and fruit – mashed banana, cooked apple, banana or pear.
Weetabix with milk and fruit


Lentil and Vegetable soup with bread, pear slices and cheese.
Cheese on toast with avocado, tomato, banana chunks and sweetcorn hoops.
Mackerel pate with rice cakes, cucumber sticks, steamed pepper strips and yoghurt.
Soft cheese with breadsticks, roasted courgette and carrot chunks (leftover from dinner) and peeled grapes.


Pasta Bologanise
Salmon and vegetable risotto
Roast chicken with roasted vegetables and potatoes
Mushroom Stroganoff

Top Tips:

1. Offer a variety of foods across the week.
2. Don’t force a baby to eat, if they aren’t interested then that is fine, try again another time.
3. Try not to get anxious or frustrated around mealtimes. It’s all a learning experience.
4. Keep it fun, we have toys ready for before and after food to keep baby amused.
5. Chat to baby over mealtimes and interact.
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3 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning at 8 months.

  1. You are so lucky to have a baby so interested in food! I’m really struggling with mine as he plays with it more than eats it. I don’t discourage this however as I know it’s all part of the weaning process, but sometimes he will not even put anything in his mouth. Any tips?

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