Review: Emily Fruit Crisps.

These fruit crisps were sent to me to try out and to review. All views are my own and there was no other form of payment. You can read my disclosure here.

I’m always on the look out for new healthy snacks. As I have an early breakfast, by mid morning I am in need of something small to keep me going. I am a great believer of having  healthy options in the cupboards to prevent you reaching for the not so healthy choice so often! Fresh fruit is always a great option for a snack, but there are times you just fancy it in a different form. 

These fruit crisps are not fried, but made using a vacuum. They contain no added sugar but are naturally sweet from the fruit, they are gluten free and the only ingredients are the fruit and non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. The apple crisps contain 7.7g/100g and the banana crisps 13g/100g. Not a low fat product.

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Packing a real crunch they are delicious and so tasty that I’m afraid I kept them for myself. Usually my small people tend to graze on my food whenever they get a chance… not so with these 😉

Dietitian UK: Emily Fruit Crisps 

I would suggest that although these come in 35g packs they would be best balanced out with some nuts or had on the side with a healthy flapjack or low sugar muffin.

Thankyou Emily’s for a great addition to the snack market.

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