Review: Whey Hey Ice Cream.

I love ice-cream. It is one of my guilty pleasures in life. It’s not often I indulge unless it’s a homemade variety such as my frozen yoghurt. So when they guys at Whey Hey offered to send me some to try, I wasn’t going to say No.

Now this ice-cream isn’t any old ice-cream, it contains Whey protein isolate, which makes it higher in protein content. Containing 15 g/100g compared to a standard ice-cream at 3g/100g it certainly packs a protein punch. It is also sugar free, instead containing Xylitol. It’s 123 kcals per individual serving.

Dietitian UK: Whey Hey Ice-Cream 1

So the verdict?

It tastes great, really good. The chocolate is amazing, even my husband agreed it was super-good. I like the fact it is sugar free and so this could be a good option for people with diabetes who want to enjoy a treat. At 3.2 g fat per 100g it is pretty low in fat and calories so also a good option for people wanting to enjoy ice-cream but also wanting to watch their weight. 

Dietitian UK: Whey Hey Ice-Cream 2

In my mind ice-cream is one of those foods to be enjoyed as a treat and I think the danger here could be that people see the lower fat, sugar and calories in the product as a green light to go ahead and eat it more often.  If you want to eat ice-cream on a daily basis try out my banana ice-cream, with just one ingredient…banana!

I was sent this product to review, all views are my own and you can read my disclosure here.

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