Phom Tea Review.

I LOVE tea. Literally my favourite drink… well champagne ranks pretty high up the list too but I can’t drink that everyday 😉

For me a good cup of tea has to be loose leaf. I’ve got pickier as I’ve grown up and although I do use tea bags for speed and ease, it just doesn’t taste the same to me. My morning treat is always a large mug of loose leaf tea.

So when Phom Tea’s decided to send me some samples of their loose lead teas to try out I was a very happy bunny.

I love their mission statement: “We are on a mission to get the world drinking loose leaf tea. One cup at a time.” ABSOLUTELY.

I was sent:
Calmly Camomile
Naturally Rooibos
Simple Decaf Breakfast
Gently Jasmine
Innocently Peppermint
Purely Green
Plus some loose leaf teabags.

The tea that exited me the most was the decaff breakfast. As someone who has been pregnancy or breastfeeding for most of the past 5 years I’ve switched to drinking a lot of decaff tea, but just hadn’t found a good loose leaf version. HALLELUJAH! Now I have. This tea is slightly floral, think earl grey/lady grey and makes a really good brew.

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Tea

I found the Jasmine was a perfect mid afternoon pick me up and the camomile great in the evenings after a hectic day. Made with actual camomile flowers it gives a non-greasy, delicate cuppa.

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Camomile Tea

My other top pick would be the Rooibos, I had forgotten how much I like this type of tea. Caffeine free, packed with antioxidants and refreshing, for me this is a great choice when settling down to a spot of work. 

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Rooibos Tea

I found these teas to be great quality, top taste and the “make your own teabags” that came with them made it super easy to brew a cuppa anytime with ease (though I still prefer my lovely teapot).

If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea for a while then do. It’s an altogether better tea experience.

This review post expresses my own personal views, I received the tea samples for free but was not paid any money for writing this. Please read my disclaimer for more.

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