Eating cake is not a regular occurrence for me. I rarely buy them after many disappointments, plus cake is a treat 😉 So when The Gluten Free Cake Kitchen offered to send me some I was only to happy to try them.

This is the delightful package that arrived. Perfectly packed so each cupcake arrived in one piece, no damage.

Dietitian UK: Gluten Free Cupcakes

There wasn’t a description of the cakes so it was a bit of guesswork but according to my tastebuds I had 2 lemon, 1 chocolate, 2 carrot and 2 vanilla and cherry sponges with jam filling.

These cakes were all delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. A little to much icing for my tastes but then I’m not into too much sweetness. My particular fav was the lemon. Zingy, soft and scrumptious!

Dietiitan UK: Gluten free Lemon Cupcake

All of these cakes had a slight grainy texture at the end of the tasting but that’s just the gluten free flour. I was impressed. Gluten free baking is not easy.

Disclaimer: I was asked to review these cakes and was sent them to try. All views and opinions are my own. 

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