Christmas without Turkey

As a child we rarely had roast turkey. My first memories of it are the year my parents were sick so myself and my sister went to my best friends for Christmas dinner. I must have been about 10. Other years we had huge salmons, vegetarian roulade, prawns and much curry. In latter years we have had paella, Thai and Chinese meals. Basically whatever feels like a treat at the time.

This year I’m keeping things simple. With a young family and hubby on call my focus is on spending less time cooking and more time playing. So the night before I pretty much cooked Christmas dinner  – prawn and chicken curry, Sri-Lankan style. On the day I’ve got the fragrant rice to do and the thyme and garlic scallops to knock up for starters. 

Dietitian UK: Scallops with garlic and thyme

Prawns to me bring back memories of living in Hong Kong, going out into the ocean on large junks and eating fresh, king prawns at parties, Sunday lunches with prawn stir fries. Now the great news is my little ones (aged 4 and 1 years) have inherited by love of prawns too.

Dietitian UK: Prawn and chicken curry

What’s on the menu for you?

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