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Trying out new teas, it’s one of my favourite things to do. These teas from Teatonics are completely different to my normal cuppa. I’m a hard one to convince with herbal teas. I like a good camomile but often I loves the smell and sound of the herbal tea and am then disappointed by the flavour. You know what I mean?

Dietitian UK: Teatonics Review

I loved the concept of these teas and I loved the actual tea in the mug. Win Win. The “Mind Awakening Yerba Mate” contains grapefruit, citrus peel, peppermint and rosehips. I wouldn’t say it awakened my mind as such, but it has a gentle, pleasant taste that is not overpowering in terms of smell or taste. I enjoyed this tea when teaching my Pilates classes.

 Dietitian UK: Teatonics Review 2

The “Laid-back Botanicals tea” contains green rooibos, which is something I had never tried before. This is blended with hops, elderflower, chamomile and lavender. Now I love chamomile tea and rooibos too, but lavender in tea? That threw a curve ball in my mind and I was sceptical. However when you brew the tea, the lavender is more of a hint than overpowering. 

These teas both feel like a more premium product. The Yerba Mate, especially brought a boost to my day due to the feel of drinking a higher end tea. My mind was awakened to a different type of herbal tea that I wasn’t convinced I would like. So if you know you need to drink less caffeine but don’t like the usual herbal teas give these a go.

Disclaimer: These teas were sent to me to try by Teatonics. I recieved no other form of payment and all views are my own. 



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