Review: Baby Cup is a hit!

Its official…I’ve a real cheeky chappy. One of those boys who likes to climb, empty cupboards, get messy, and pour. Let’s just say weaning has been fun but VERY messy. Give him a drink and he will find a way to somehow get the water out. Even if it is the type of cup that has a lid firmly on and is meant to be “no-spill”, he finds a way to get water out!

Anyway I digress. The experts now tell us that it’s best not to give your little ones sippy cups but to use an open cup so they can learn to sip and not suck their drinks. Using an open cup is thought to be better for dental development, potentiall preventing dental work and orthotics later in life. I had train tracks and a brace as a child… it’s not that fun. 

Now my boy was in hospital right back in the early days due to concerns over his weight. He is now a chunk of a lad, no worries anymore. I was given a small feeding cup to give him his milk top ups and it was amazing to see that at 7 days old he was able to lap milk from it. So when it came to drinking I knew he would have no problems using an open cup. As a result he drinks out of whatever is to hand – my water glass, his sisters bottle, a sippy cup or his favourite doidy cup.

I was more than happy when BabyCup sent the J-boy some of their cute cups to try out. So why are these cups different to any other open cup? It’s their size. They fit nicely into J’s hand, he can happily pick it up with one or two hands. The bonus here for me is they don’t hold a lot of fluid so when he tips out his drink there is less to clear up 😉 An instant hit with mummy and toddler. ]

 Disclaimer: These cups were sent to me to review, no other payment passed hands but I did get to keep the product. All views are my own.

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