Upbeat Drinks Review

I love the name of this brand. We all need something to make our day more Upbeat from time to time. So let’s take a look at the drinks…

Dietitian UK: Upbeat Drinks Review

Upbeat make protein drinks, but these are marketed as a drink for everyone, not just body builders and athletes. They are a dairy drink with 20g protein, 11-12g sugar (mainly from the milk) and less than 150kcals per bottle. They also have sucralose added as an extra sweetener.

PER 100g this works out as:
249 kcals
0.8g fat
0.5g saturates
5g carbs
4.7g sugars
8g protein
52mg calcium

So they are lower in sugar than a lot of other drinks, containing about the same amount of sugar as milk does. I like the fact that they contain calcium as many people I work with need a calcium boost. These are not high in calcium but it all adds up.

They taste good, not thick like a milkshake and not as sweet as a smoothie. I particularly like the Mango and Passionfruit.

Working with clients who have eating disorders I would suggest these drinks to clients who need to boost their calories but do not want to take a supplement. They are a good alternative to a smoothie as they contain less sugar and have the added calcium.


Disclaimer: All views are my own. I received free product for the review as well as product for an event.

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