Rawnola Review

 I love granola. There is something that just hits the spot when you combine the crunch with  some yoghurt and fruit. For me it’s not really a breakfast food as I find it too sweet first thing in the morning. I like to save my sweet hit for late in the evening, once I’ve taught my Pilates classes and have sleeping children. Then I can savour it in peace, no-one to pinch any from my bowl and no rush to eat it. If you are a parent you will likely know what I mean!

Rawnola is gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, egg free, years free and free from artificial chemicals. So what exactly does it have in it? It’s a mix of cashews, almonds and walnut with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coconut and dried cranberry. All of this is baked in spices (cinnamon, star anise, fennel, pepper, cloves, lime juice) with maple syrup for sweetness. I’m into my spices so this flavour combo really rocked my boat. Nutritionally it isn’t low in sugar but if you need some spice and sweetness to get you eating more nuts and seeds then that’s ok in my book.

Dietitian UK: Rawnola 1

This is also not granola. The lack of oats makes it definitely not granola.  In my opinion it brings a welcome addition to the granola-like market. 

Disclaimer: All views are my own, I was given a free sample for the purposes of this post.


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