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My love of tea is well known, especially loose leaf tea. For me loose leaf tea provides a far superior  flavour and it the whole brewing process is something that I love. If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea then you really must. For me it is like comparing instant to fresh coffee.

Having been pregnant or breastfeeding for a large part of the past 5 years and now pregnant again I’ve had to reduce my loose leaf tea consumption and turn to decaffeinated tea. Yes herbal and fruit teas are nice, but nothing quite hits the spot as well as an Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe. So I was overjoyed when Adagio Tea’s sent me some of their loose leaf decaff tea to try. 

The decaff Earl grey was the tea that I was most excited about, fortunately I was not disappointed. It makes a lovely light, fragrant tea that is perfect in the mornings for me with my porridge. Finally a nice decaff loose leaf tea that I can drink without feeling bad about baby.

Dietitian UK: Adagio Tea Review 2

The blood orange tea literally filled my kitchen with the scent of Spain. Really lovely to have a loose leaf herbal tea with whole chunks of fruit. Like pot pourri in a tea! 

Dietitian UK: Adagio Tea Review 1

My biggest like was the IngenuiTEA. This is a genius product! I love my teapot but am not so keen on the cleaning out. I love the fact I can carry this to the table, take my tea to the table and pour it without a tea strainer. As soon as you place it on top of the mug the tea magically drips through. My children have loved watching. It is easy to clean and goes in the dishwasher. Perfect for busy mums like myself.

Dietitian UK: Adagio Tea Review 3


These teas were sent to me free to review. No money was paid for this post. All views are 100% my own. Read my disclaimer here.


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