Super fast chicken and veggie noodles

  So we’ve discovered a spiraliser. Something I wasn’t planning to jump on the bandwagon about but hey, I was sent one for free to review. My verdict. It’s such a fun gadget, though you can’t spiralise everything 😉 My boy (aged 2) has been in one of those fussy stages. Definitely not a fan … Continue reading Super fast chicken and veggie noodles

Peanut and prawn 10 minute Noodles

We love noodles in our house. I lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years as a child and the food there was amazing. It has definitely influenced my cooking. These could also be seen as a total cheats way to make Pad Thai, which I love. These noodles are a super quick meal … Continue reading Peanut and prawn 10 minute Noodles

Singapore Noodles, the healthy way.

I lived in Hong Kong for a few years as a child, it was an amazing experience and certainly led to me being able to try all kinds of different foods, regional specialities and learn important skills like how to use chopsticks. My food memories include eating huge prawns on a junk (boat) for my … Continue reading Singapore Noodles, the healthy way.

Buckwheat Butternut Squash Ravioli and Noodles

One of my prized kitchen gadgets is my pasta maker. I’d wanted one for ages, then when I finally was bought one for Christmas I was of course super excited and quickly started making pasta. It was all going so well until I had to go wheat free. I had been meaning for absolutely ages … Continue reading Buckwheat Butternut Squash Ravioli and Noodles

Back to school lunches

Back to School. It’s that time again. My girl loves having packed lunch is and actually I quite like knowing what she’s having. But it can become repetitive, so one of our aims is to get inspiration and vary each of the food groups. We always go for a carbohydrate option, some protein, raw veggies … Continue reading Back to school lunches

Beef and Red Pepper Noodle Soup.

Red meat is often seen as something to cut down on, but these messages are actually leading to an epidemic of iron deficiency, confusion over how much to eat and how often to eat it.  New research has shown that 51% of people did not know how much red meat you  can safely eat and … Continue reading Beef and Red Pepper Noodle Soup.

2017 Food Trends: the hot, the not and the ones to spot.

According to those in the know these are some of the food trends coming our way in 2017. In my cynical mind this usually means things to be wary of or foods that will become super expensive.  However there are also some interesting new foods on the horizon which I’m looking forward to trying. Wellness … Continue reading 2017 Food Trends: the hot, the not and the ones to spot.

Umami, Uvuvu, a review.

Umami is firstly such a fabulous word, it reminds me of that televison programme Shooting Stars – anyone know what I mean? The phrase I’m thinking of was “Uvavu” I digress. Umami is a Japanese word for “savoury taste” and together with saltiness, bitterness, sweetness and sourness it is one of the 5 basic tastes. Think … Continue reading Umami, Uvuvu, a review.

Heathy Pasta Carbonara

Carbonara is one of those meals that my husband adores, but being full of cream, (which I don’t like and it doesn’t like me), I never make it.  Then I felt inspired. Somehow in the midst of sleep deprivation these idea pop into my head. It was a pile of spirallised courgettes and carrots that … Continue reading Heathy Pasta Carbonara

My Favourite Cookery Books

I have a lot of cookery books. Well over 50, I try hard to justify this as “I need them for work purposes” or “I cook a lot” but I will admit to it being a slight obsession. I just love to sit down and read recipes! Every now and again I try and have … Continue reading My Favourite Cookery Books