A 3rd birthday party, keeping the sugar down.

Birthdays. I love them. Having a toddler makes them even more fun. The sheer slight on her face when she opens presents and cards is amazing. When there is a 3 year old in the house there has to be a party!

We kept things very low key this year and had a little party at home. Having a studio in the house means we have the luxury of a room without furniture that kids can run around in so we made full use of it having a few little friends over for party games.

Now my toddler, as most do, enjoys cakes and biscuits. However I limit these. Firstly because its just not good to be having them everyday and secondly because she reacts to the sugar and I end up with a hyperactive toddler! So I planned the party food carefully. I also got the toddler involved asking her what she would
Like. She chose melon, grapes and hummus. Strange child!

So here is the spread we ended up with:

Dietitian UK: Toddler Party Food 3
Large sausages sliced up
Cheese and pineapple
Mini eggy muffins
Carrots, cucumber sticks and celery
Pom Bear crisps
Ham and tuna sandwiches cut into star and rabbit shapes

Dietitian UK: Toddler Party Food 1

Plus of course the birthday cake which was a sugar fest!

What are your top children’s party foods? I’d love to know.

5 thoughts on “A 3rd birthday party, keeping the sugar down.”

  1. For Kendra’s 4th birthday she asked for tomato soup and ham sandwiches! And fruit. I added some hula hoops (her fav sort of crisp) and we had a lovely spread.

  2. Some great ideas for an (almost) sugar free toddler party! My daughter reacts really badly to sugar as well but if it’s there she eats it of course : ( I’ll try this menu for her next party!

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