Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

Smoothies. We all love them. The problem is they are expensive and not always 100% great for you. Why buy them when you can make them? If you need a quick snack, an instant pick me up or breakfast in a rush try this baby out for size. It’s my go to favourite.

I started making this smoothie when I was about 15 and worked in a beach cafe. I’d get there for early opening and just couldn’t fit breakfast in before work (outrageous), so I used to whizz this beauty up as soon as I’d opened up for the day. At that point the recipe was literally: natural yoghurt, 1 banana, cinnamon and honey. It’s aged with me over the years, I reckon I’ve aged pretty well as has my smoothie 🙂

Bananas contain potassium, maganese, vitmains B6 and C. They have been shown to have a high satiety index, so help you feel full up and contain carbohydrate to boost your energy.

Blueberries are true superstars. Packed with anthocyanins which are antioxidants, fighting disease, inflammation and reducing cholesterol.

The oats bring the glycemic index of this smoothie down, so helping you absorb the natural sugar slower and helping you stay fuller for longer.

Dietitian UK: Bananas and Blueberries ready to blitz
Dietitian UK: Bananas and Blueberries ready to blitz


1 banana

1 handful blueberries

100ml natural yoghurt

2 tbsp porridge oats

splash of milk

1 tsp cinnamon

lemon juice

Ice if you want it.

Simple whizz it all up in a blender and pour into a glass. Delicious.

Dietitian UK: Banana, Blueberry and Oat Smoothie.
Dietitian UK: Banana, Blueberry and Oat Smoothie.

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