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Pukka Tea is Pukka

 I’m slowly being converted to herbal teas. Slowly. I’m still quite skeptical having had those experiences where they sound amazing, smell amazing and taste like a soggy dishcloth, so very disappointing. Do you know what I mean? However I also know that drinking too much caffeine is not a good thing. The research suggests that 4-5 cups a day is your limit. So I keep trying herbal and fruit teas to find alternatives.

 These teas from Pukka arrived, they looked amazing. The packaging of these teas is beautiful and appealing. However I was as usual a bit dubious because both the teas I was sent have lavender in. Now lavender is not something I would normally want in a tea, in a heat pack yes, but not a tea. It can be overpowering and I’m really not a floral person. So I really wasn’t expected to like these two teas. 

 I was sent…

 Dietitian UK: Pukka Tea Review

Somehow the taste of these 2 teas really appealed to me. They carry the vibe of being a sophisticated tea that is easy to drink and pleasing to the palate. The lavender is very subtle. Phew. The nigthtime blend was my favourite. I can’t pass comment on whether it helps me sleep as I have a teething toddler who likes to keep me awake half the night so I fall asleep quite easily 😉

 Thankyou Pukka, I’m a fan.

Disclaimer: I was sent these teas to review free of charge, no money was paid to me and all views are my own.

Review: Baby Cup is a hit!

Its official…I’ve a real cheeky chappy. One of those boys who likes to climb, empty cupboards, get messy, and pour. Let’s just say weaning has been fun but VERY messy. Give him a drink and he will find a way to somehow get the water out. Even if it is the type of cup that has a lid firmly on and is meant to be “no-spill”, he finds a way to get water out!

Anyway I digress. The experts now tell us that it’s best not to give your little ones sippy cups but to use an open cup so they can learn to sip and not suck their drinks. Using an open cup is thought to be better for dental development, potentiall preventing dental work and orthotics later in life. I had train tracks and a brace as a child… it’s not that fun. 

Now my boy was in hospital right back in the early days due to concerns over his weight. He is now a chunk of a lad, no worries anymore. I was given a small feeding cup to give him his milk top ups and it was amazing to see that at 7 days old he was able to lap milk from it. So when it came to drinking I knew he would have no problems using an open cup. As a result he drinks out of whatever is to hand – my water glass, his sisters bottle, a sippy cup or his favourite doidy cup.

I was more than happy when BabyCup sent the J-boy some of their cute cups to try out. So why are these cups different to any other open cup? It’s their size. They fit nicely into J’s hand, he can happily pick it up with one or two hands. The bonus here for me is they don’t hold a lot of fluid so when he tips out his drink there is less to clear up 😉 An instant hit with mummy and toddler. ]

 Disclaimer: These cups were sent to me to review, no other payment passed hands but I did get to keep the product. All views are my own.

Make time for Teatonics

Trying out new teas, it’s one of my favourite things to do. These teas from Teatonics are completely different to my normal cuppa. I’m a hard one to convince with herbal teas. I like a good camomile but often I loves the smell and sound of the herbal tea and am then disappointed by the flavour. You know what I mean?

Dietitian UK: Teatonics Review

I loved the concept of these teas and I loved the actual tea in the mug. Win Win. The “Mind Awakening Yerba Mate” contains grapefruit, citrus peel, peppermint and rosehips. I wouldn’t say it awakened my mind as such, but it has a gentle, pleasant taste that is not overpowering in terms of smell or taste. I enjoyed this tea when teaching my Pilates classes.

 Dietitian UK: Teatonics Review 2

The “Laid-back Botanicals tea” contains green rooibos, which is something I had never tried before. This is blended with hops, elderflower, chamomile and lavender. Now I love chamomile tea and rooibos too, but lavender in tea? That threw a curve ball in my mind and I was sceptical. However when you brew the tea, the lavender is more of a hint than overpowering. 

These teas both feel like a more premium product. The Yerba Mate, especially brought a boost to my day due to the feel of drinking a higher end tea. My mind was awakened to a different type of herbal tea that I wasn’t convinced I would like. So if you know you need to drink less caffeine but don’t like the usual herbal teas give these a go.

Disclaimer: These teas were sent to me to try by Teatonics. I recieved no other form of payment and all views are my own. 



Dragonfly Tea Review

Good quality tea really does make all the difference to my life. I’m generally not a huge fan of teabags, over the years I’ve become a bit of a tea snob and also prefer to have loose leaf when I can. However some tea bags can be pretty good. These ones fall into that category.

Dietitian UK: Dragonfly Tea Review

Dragonfly Classic Earl Grey:

Earl Grey is one of my favourite teas. I love the aroma of bergamot  in it, one of these cuppa’s will pick my up and make me smile on a more harassed day! This one is a pure, quality tasting tea. 

Dragonfly Swirling Mist Organic White Tea:

I’m a recent convert to white tea. I recently discovered it when my lovely mother in law (who knows my tea obsession) bought me some loose leaf tea from a lovely Dorset tea shop. This is a pretty special tea, personally I would call it the champagne of tea. If you haven’t tried it then you must – brew for slightly longer than your usual teabag and serve without milk.

Dragonfly Golden Himalaya Organic Darjeeling Tea:

Grown in the Himalayan foothills this tea has a garden party feel to it, a delicate, light tea that is perfect for daytime drinking. It would certainly go well with afternoon tea. It forms a refreshing tea that goes with most moods. 

 Who fancies a cuppa now?


Disclaimer: The tea was sent to me to review, no other payment was made, all views are my own.

Eating cake is not a regular occurrence for me. I rarely buy them after many disappointments, plus cake is a treat 😉 So when The Gluten Free Cake Kitchen offered to send me some I was only to happy to try them.

This is the delightful package that arrived. Perfectly packed so each cupcake arrived in one piece, no damage.

Dietitian UK: Gluten Free Cupcakes

There wasn’t a description of the cakes so it was a bit of guesswork but according to my tastebuds I had 2 lemon, 1 chocolate, 2 carrot and 2 vanilla and cherry sponges with jam filling.

These cakes were all delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. A little to much icing for my tastes but then I’m not into too much sweetness. My particular fav was the lemon. Zingy, soft and scrumptious!

Dietiitan UK: Gluten free Lemon Cupcake

All of these cakes had a slight grainy texture at the end of the tasting but that’s just the gluten free flour. I was impressed. Gluten free baking is not easy.

Disclaimer: I was asked to review these cakes and was sent them to try. All views and opinions are my own.

As a dietitian I know it is impossible to read every journal article to stay on top of the current research, so it is always great to find new ways to digest my reading and stay in touch with current topics. is a new research digest site that summaries the latest research monthly. What I like about this site is the range of experts they are working with and the fact there are 3 dietitian’s involved!

If you are looking for to have a digest of the research delivered to your inbox then this is a great place to start:


This review is a sponsored post but all views are my own and are not influenced by this. You can read my disclaimer here.

Phom Tea Review.

I LOVE tea. Literally my favourite drink… well champagne ranks pretty high up the list too but I can’t drink that everyday 😉

For me a good cup of tea has to be loose leaf. I’ve got pickier as I’ve grown up and although I do use tea bags for speed and ease, it just doesn’t taste the same to me. My morning treat is always a large mug of loose leaf tea.

So when Phom Tea’s decided to send me some samples of their loose lead teas to try out I was a very happy bunny.

I love their mission statement: “We are on a mission to get the world drinking loose leaf tea. One cup at a time.” ABSOLUTELY.

I was sent:
Calmly Camomile
Naturally Rooibos
Simple Decaf Breakfast
Gently Jasmine
Innocently Peppermint
Purely Green
Plus some loose leaf teabags.

The tea that exited me the most was the decaff breakfast. As someone who has been pregnancy or breastfeeding for most of the past 5 years I’ve switched to drinking a lot of decaff tea, but just hadn’t found a good loose leaf version. HALLELUJAH! Now I have. This tea is slightly floral, think earl grey/lady grey and makes a really good brew.

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Tea

I found the Jasmine was a perfect mid afternoon pick me up and the camomile great in the evenings after a hectic day. Made with actual camomile flowers it gives a non-greasy, delicate cuppa.

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Camomile Tea

My other top pick would be the Rooibos, I had forgotten how much I like this type of tea. Caffeine free, packed with antioxidants and refreshing, for me this is a great choice when settling down to a spot of work. 

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Rooibos Tea

I found these teas to be great quality, top taste and the “make your own teabags” that came with them made it super easy to brew a cuppa anytime with ease (though I still prefer my lovely teapot).

If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea for a while then do. It’s an altogether better tea experience.

This review post expresses my own personal views, I received the tea samples for free but was not paid any money for writing this. Please read my disclaimer for more.

Suppose….a gluten free list.

I’ve recently been introduced to, a website that lets you track the price of online products. If you are like me and are constantly looking for a bargain or spend time comparing the prices of your food shop on different sites, then this take the job for you.

I’ve created my own gluten free list on the website, full of products that I like and that I sometimes buy.  I can then track the prices and be alerted by when the prices drop. Quite a nifty little site, especially for specialist diets where the foods are often pricey. I tend to buy foods when they are reduced and stock up!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 14.42.10

You can track items from any website using their handy button, I found it really easy to use.  This could be a great site to use for Christmas shopping as you cna take a browse through products that have dropped in price and snap them up quick!

Disclaimer: I was sent asked to review this website in exhange for a product. All views are my own and no money exchanged hands.

New Udi’s Breakfast Treats: Review.

Disclaimer: Udi’s kindly sent me a breakfast hamper to review, all views are my own.

Being wheat free things can get a little boring at times and although I love baking and creating new yummy snacks, it is also good to have a selection of bits in the cupboard. So when Udi’s sent my this hamper of yumminess I was over the moon.

I have recently discovered Udi’s and have been really impressed with the taste and texture of their products. I wasn’t disappointed with these. My top favourites were the bagels. Oh my. I love a good bagel but it is a rare luxury these days. I had already tried the cinnamon and raisin versions (which are delicious), the multiseeded ones are fabulous toasted with cream cheese! 

Udi bagel


I was also sent some apple flavour breakfast bars. Now I personally wouldn’t eat these for breakfast or recommend them as a breakfast item, but I would say they make a yummy snack. They  high in sugar at 35g/100g so not an everyday item. I do like the fact they contain added fibre at 3g per bar.

Udi apple bars


I was also sent some blueberry muffins. Now a little secret, blueberry muffins used to be one of my favourite treats before I had to go wheat-free. These are good, a great taste and texture. Certainly not a breakfast item in my mind but something to get as a special treat.

Udi muffinThankyou Udi’s for bringing your yummy goodies to the UK market. Please can you bring out lots of savoury options for me 🙂 

Review: Whey Hey Ice Cream.

I love ice-cream. It is one of my guilty pleasures in life. It’s not often I indulge unless it’s a homemade variety such as my frozen yoghurt. So when they guys at Whey Hey offered to send me some to try, I wasn’t going to say No.

Now this ice-cream isn’t any old ice-cream, it contains Whey protein isolate, which makes it higher in protein content. Containing 15 g/100g compared to a standard ice-cream at 3g/100g it certainly packs a protein punch. It is also sugar free, instead containing Xylitol. It’s 123 kcals per individual serving.

Dietitian UK: Whey Hey Ice-Cream 1

So the verdict?

It tastes great, really good. The chocolate is amazing, even my husband agreed it was super-good. I like the fact it is sugar free and so this could be a good option for people with diabetes who want to enjoy a treat. At 3.2 g fat per 100g it is pretty low in fat and calories so also a good option for people wanting to enjoy ice-cream but also wanting to watch their weight. 

Dietitian UK: Whey Hey Ice-Cream 2

In my mind ice-cream is one of those foods to be enjoyed as a treat and I think the danger here could be that people see the lower fat, sugar and calories in the product as a green light to go ahead and eat it more often.  If you want to eat ice-cream on a daily basis try out my banana ice-cream, with just one ingredient…banana!

I was sent this product to review, all views are my own and you can read my disclosure here.