Pukka Tea is Pukka

 I’m slowly being converted to herbal teas. Slowly. I’m still quite skeptical having had those experiences where they sound amazing, smell amazing and taste like a soggy dishcloth, so very disappointing. Do you know what I mean? However I also know that drinking too much caffeine is not a good thing. The research suggests that […]

Review: Baby Cup is a hit!

Its official…I’ve a real cheeky chappy. One of those boys who likes to climb, empty cupboards, get messy, and pour. Let’s just say weaning has been fun but VERY messy. Give him a drink and he will find a way to somehow get the water out. Even if it is the type of cup that […]

Make time for Teatonics

Trying out new teas, it’s one of my favourite things to do. These teas from Teatonics are completely different to my normal cuppa. I’m a hard one to convince with herbal teas. I like a good camomile but often I loves the smell and sound of the herbal tea and am then disappointed by the […]

Dragonfly Tea Review

Good quality tea really does make all the difference to my life. I’m generally not a huge fan of teabags, over the years I’ve become a bit of a tea snob and also prefer to have loose leaf when I can. However some tea bags can be pretty good. These ones fall into that category. […]

Eating cake is not a regular occurrence for me. I rarely buy them after many disappointments, plus cake is a treat 😉 So when The Gluten Free Cake Kitchen offered to send me some I was only to happy to try them. This is the delightful package that arrived. Perfectly packed so each cupcake arrived […]


As a dietitian I know it is impossible to read every journal article to stay on top of the current research, so it is always great to find new ways to digest my reading and stay in touch with current topics. Examine.com is a new research digest site that summaries the latest research monthly. What […]

Phom Tea Review.

I LOVE tea. Literally my favourite drink… well champagne ranks pretty high up the list too but I can’t drink that everyday 😉 For me a good cup of tea has to be loose leaf. I’ve got pickier as I’ve grown up and although I do use tea bags for speed and ease, it just […]

Suppose….a gluten free list.

I’ve recently been introduced to Suppose.com, a website that lets you track the price of online products. If you are like me and are constantly looking for a bargain or spend time comparing the prices of your food shop on different sites, then this take the job for you. I’ve created my own gluten free […]

New Udi’s Breakfast Treats: Review.

Disclaimer: Udi’s kindly sent me a breakfast hamper to review, all views are my own. Being wheat free things can get a little boring at times and although I love baking and creating new yummy snacks, it is also good to have a selection of bits in the cupboard. So when Udi’s sent my this […]

Review: Whey Hey Ice Cream.

I love ice-cream. It is one of my guilty pleasures in life. It’s not often I indulge unless it’s a homemade variety such as my frozen yoghurt. So when they guys at Whey Hey offered to send me some to try, I wasn’t going to say No. Now this ice-cream isn’t any old ice-cream, it […]

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