Are you 1 in 14? Diabetes Week 2022

Did you know 1 in 14 people have diabetes? That works out as 4.9 million people in the UK. Thanks to Elle Coales for her work on this blog all about diabetes as part of Diabetes Week 2022. For more resources about Diabetes please check out Diabetes UK. Type 2 diabetes (T1DM) The majority of […]

What is food insecurity and how to help.

Alongside all the loss that has been felt by this pandemic, it has also highlighted and increased health inequalities, food insecurity being one that is described as “a crisis within a crisis”. Unfortunately, food insecurity / food poverty is nothing new. It has been around in the UK  for a number of years and started […]

The dieting cycle.

Post co-written with Shannon Western. For most people diets just do not work and lead to a lifetime of further diets. You have probably heard this before. So what are some of the reasons dieting and weight loss don’t work long term? Diets slow your metabolism. Your body can’t tell the difference between food scarcity […]

Lockdown and weight gain.

With anxiety high all over the country I am hearing about people worrying more about their weight right now. Should we be? Lockdown means that we are at home, staying safe, but also for a lot of us that means more opportunity to eat, more snacks on hand and less activity. Yes you may be […]

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