Choc Choc Eggs

Easter. It’s full of chocolate, new life and for us celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. What has made this year extra special has been time with family. We currently have 3 children aged 1,2 and 3 on one side of the family, so you can imagine the fun when we all get together.

Our Easter this year has not been chocolate free but I have suddenly realised that at 3.30pm on Easter Sunday I have not actually had any chocolate. To some that may seem like a travesity, to me it shows how it’s not all about the chocolate.

The children all were given an Easter egg and ate a small amount of it on Easter Saturday – my 2 year old loves “Choc Choc” and was very excited at the idea of a Chocolate Egg…. but in the moment there was far more excitement to be had in playing with cousins. Precisely how it should be, celebrating this special event with family and chocolate being second best.

Dietitian UK: Cousins chill together.
Dietitian UK: Cousins chill together.


We had some Easter themed activities activities: making Easter bunny masks, colouring in Easter egg pictures and hopping like bunnies. What more could you want?

Dietitian UK: My Easter Bunny
Dietitian UK: My Easter Bunny


I hope your Easter has been one of reflection, peace, gratitude and good times with family 🙂

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