Marrakech Market Love

Marrakech. It’s sunny and full of Souks. I could literally spend hours wandering around the streets, brousing the beautiful goods on offer, and when I say beautiful, I mean beautiful. Think colourful woven shawls, rugs, leather and material bags of every colour you know, leather shoes with sparkles and bling, jewellery that calls your name, shiny silver teapots and painted glasses, lamps, lamps and more lamps. Oh my. This could be a dangerous place to holiday!

Dietitian UK: Marrakech Lanterns of beauty
Dietitian UK: Marrakech Lanterns of beauty

Those streets really make me smile, but the bit that makes my heart sing the most is of course the food stalls. Spices, herbs, mint tea sellers, nuts and dried fruit. Why are our UK markets not this colourful and exciting on a daily basis? We could learn a lot from other cultures who actually buy their food from the market, I’d say this is the “super” market way of doing things.

Dietitian UK: Marrakech Nutaliciousness.

Dietiitan UK: Marrakech Olives on the Market
Dietiitan UK: Marrakech Nuts and Olives on the Market


Coming out of the market there were at least 5 stalls selling freshly squeezed orange juice for 4 dhs, that’s 33 pence a cup. Wowsers. What a way to recover from the hustle and bustle, sensory overload and shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our first time around the Souks we paid for a guide and this was brilliant, we would have got lost otherwise – Google maps is unlikely to cover this area ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Souks are divided into different areas: leather, lamps, bags, shoes etc… so much to choose from.

What do you like to do on holiday? For me it’s about enjoying the local food, soaking up the atmosphere and relaxing in good company.

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