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Priya has an outgoing, effervescent personality that helps portray the passion and zeal behind her nutrition. Having written articles for the consumer press and health care publications, as well as numerous radio and television appearances, her effective communication skills help make the science of nutrition easy to understand.

Previous work includes articles for various magazines including Dietetics Today, Slim at Home. Pride magazine, Nursery World, Anthony Worrall Thompson at Home and various fitness magazines. Priya does many quotes for numerous magazines on at least a weekly basis. She has featured in the Independant, Daily Telegraph, Metro, Daily Mirror and The Scotsman amongst others. Priya provides regular radio interviews for BBC Radio Solent as a nutrition expert.

Her on-screen experience includes appearances on BBC Breakfast, Sky News and Embarassing Fat Bodies. Corporate work has included being the Food Expert on a DVD working alongside Greg Wallace, video work for Koji Drinks and Youtube videos. Priya also has her own range of Pilates DVD’s.

Priya’s social media presence is well-established and has meant that she has been used as the expert in a number of social media projects including Health Hangouts for professionals and twitter chats for the public.

Priya is available for:

  • Article Writing
  • Media spokesperson and quotes
  • Radio and TV broadcasting, webcasts and webchats
  • Press releases and briefings
  • Corporate Media Work
  • Social Media Project
  • PR quotes and projects.
  • Video Work

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